Crusades and Personal Evangelism

India, Pakistan, and United States


Delivering and distributing The Word

Brazil, India, Pakistand, and Uganda

 Starting Bible Institutes

We have been starting Bible Institutes in [insert locations here]

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 Planting and Building Churches

Ainbinder Evangelistic Ministries has been a part of planting and building 6 churches in Uganda


Providing Food

Feeding both the needy and the orphaned, we distribute food to almost 1,500 souls daily.

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Baptizing new believers

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Featured Ministry


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How to Give

One-Time Gift or Monthly Donation Options

Ainbinder Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. is a 501C(3) non- profit corporation and you will receive a personal thank you message for all of your donations. A receipt for tax purposes will be sent out every January.

You can choose either a one-time donation of whatever amount you feel lead to give or choose a monthly amount to donate.

100% of all your donations go to where you yourself choose them to go.

If you allow AEM to decide where to invest your contribution, it goes to the Mission field.

We've begun doing Zoom Virtual Pastors Conferences and virtual Crusades.  The cost to fund locations and set ups for those attending together locally runs between $200 to $1600.

What Gifts Do

Frequent Needs (Please make a note on donation to request.)

In Uganda, India, or Pakistan:

  • Donations to orphanages.
  • Purchasing bibles.
  • Purchasing school supplies.
  • Purchasing chairs for churches.
  • Funding for Pastor Conferences & Crusades.
  • $210 per month to feed 30 families of between 4-5 people for 30 days.


For $210 a month, you can sponsor a pastor or evangelist working with Ainbinder Evangelistic Ministries

Give Online with Paypal Monthly

(Please select "Make this a monthly donation" option)

Give Online with paypal One-Time

By Check

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By Venmo

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